Silver Package

$ 2,500
  • 3-5 Minutes Display
  • This package contains effects and bursts reaching heights of over 125 to 200 feet, complete with a mix of straight and fanned multi-effect barrages and cakes fired from a single central position, with an Amazing Finale.

Gold Package

$ 3,500
  • 5-7 Minutes Dispaly
  • Professional display shells creating a stunning backdrop of colour which can be tailoured to the theme of your event. Intricate single comet shots are used to start the display and the Finale will consist of volleys of magnificent display shells.

Diamond Package

$ 4,500
  • 10+ Minutes Display
  • Professional display shells used in competition shows. This display is fired from multiple firing positions with our digital firing system for split second precision, ensuring the sky is full of spectacular effects and colours. This display finishes with volleys of gold willow or silver strobing and glitter display shells.

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